Double Glazed Windows And Doors: How Does Double Glazing Work?

There are a lot of benefits that you can get from double glazing Maidstone your windows. Not only are you able to live in comfort due to the warmth it brings especially during the colder months, you will also be able to help significantly with the environment. Below are some of the most important things for you to keep in mind if you’re still on the fence with double glazed windows and doors.

Double Glazing 101

Since the 1980’s, double glazing has become extremely popular with many homeowners. You are able to create a gap between two separate panes of glass through the use of a spacer bar. You can have a gap of up to 16mm which you can fill with gas. The separation increases the level of insulation that you’re provided with by the windows.

If you prefer having your windows closed during the winter time, you will be able to enjoy the longer periods of warmth that you’ll feel inside a home with double glazing Kent used on the windows and doors even if you turn off any appliances that bring heat into the rooms. This was the most basic feature that people loved about double glazing.

Extra Benefits

There are many more benefits that you can get from double glazing beyond its original intended effect. Due to the gap that you have between “two windows” or “two doors”, you can create a barrier between you and the noise from the outside. Homes with double glazing are less susceptible to being bothered by the noise even if you live near busy roads.

As stated above, you have added comfort due to the warmth that double glazing brings. This means that your home will feel cosier. The added insulation will also eliminate condensation down to a point where you no longer feel as if it’s a factor. Double glazing also makes for a sturdier barrier between you and any intruders that may think of breaking in.

Due to the benefits that double glazing brings to many houses, those that still have single glazed doors and windows have extremely lower capital value when compared to a home, in the same area, with a similar build, but has implemented double glazing. Though you may not be planning on selling your house, later on, you can definitely enjoy the many benefits it brings.


Before you dive in head first into double glazing, you have to know the two most important things that you have to consider before getting them implemented. The first thing is the type of glass that you will be choosing. There are glass materials that were created specifically to be used for double glazing, so those will be a lot more dependable.

The type of frame that you’re going to use for your windows and doors will also be important. You have the option of making sure that the aesthetic fits with the rest of your home.

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