How To Clean UPVC Windows: Here Are Some Tips

Unlike cleaning other materials and functions in your home, cleaning UPVC windows Kent is actually a pretty straightforward process. You don’t have to mix confusing ingredients just to be able to clean dirt off nor you would need to buy expensive cleaning agents. Below are some tips that you should keep in mind the next time that you have to clean UPVC windows.

Do It Early

When you spot dirt building up on the UPVC frames, you should always be ahead with the cleaning. It’ll be a lot easier to clean off something that has not already stuck onto the material itself. Compared to cleaning timber frames which require you to sand, paint, and varnish, UPVC allows you to clean with a more relaxed method: just wipe.

Use Clean Cloth

A clean cloth is the only thing that you’re going to need to clean your UPVC windows Sevenoaks. With a bucket of warm water, make sure that you dip in your clean cloth then add some normal washing liquid or even detergent if you want to go the extra mile with cleaning. Using the clean cloth, just wipe the UPVC windows gently and make sure that you are thorough around the edges.

Keep the Cloth Wet

Keeping the cloth wet is important because a dry cloth can lead to micro scratches. These micro scratches may not be noticeable at first, but they definitely begin to pile up later on which makes for an odd look to your UPVC windows. You also have to avoid abrasive cleaning solutions or using the rougher side of a sponge since those can lead to micro-scratching too.

Vacuum First

If you don’t feel like wiping the UPVC windows too often, then you will notice dirt starting to build up especially around the edges. To avoid micro scratches as you wipe these down with your cloth, make sure that you vacuum the dirtier portions first. After vacuuming the solids, then you can use your cloth to wipe the rest of the UPVC windows clean.

Avoid Typical Cleaning Agents

Cleaning your home, you’ve probably encountered many cleaning agents and brands along the way. Though theoretically, they can be used to clean any parts of your house, you should still avoid using the things below if you want to avoid minor damages to your UPVC windows:

White Spirits

Methylated Spirits

Nail Varnish Remover


Wire Wool

Iron Wool


Scouring Pads

They will have a permanent damaging effect on your UPVC windows, so it’s important that you avoid them.

Take Them Off

If there are parts of your UPVC windows where you just can’t reach them, you can always hire pros to take off your windows so they’re much easier to clean. You can contact the contractors that installed them or look for companies that provide basic cleaning services to help you with this process. Make sure that you are careful with each screw that you twist if you do it yourself.

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