Signs And Symptoms That You’re Septic Tank Is Full

One of the most important components of your house is the septic tank. It handles your abode’s waste disposal Southampton, collecting sewage and treating them before they are released safely.

As it is one of the busiest places in your home, it needs to be periodically checked. Professionals recommend that septic tanks be pumped once every one to three years, depending on the number of household members.

But if you don’t want your Southampton waste disposal to be hampered by a dysfunctional septic tank, you should know the tell-tale signs that it is already full.

Here are some symptoms that your septic tank already needs pumping:

Pungent odor

Once your waste disposal Southampton fills your tank to the brim, there’ll be no room for the pungent odor-causing gases to escape to. And if this happens, these gases would have nowhere to go but to your toilet and other drains. If you already notice an awful odor coming from these areas, don’t think twice and call for a plumber. Apart from the foul smell that they cause, bear in mind that they also pose danger to your family member’ health.

Pooling water

One of the signs that your tank is not properly working is the presence of a pooling water around it. This happens because solid wastes could have already clogged your piping system, forcing the liquid to flow out of the septic tank. If you see a saturated area around your tank, it means you need to have your system pumped.

Slow drainage

Another obvious indicator that your Southampton waste disposal needs a professional plumbing is slow drainage. This becomes even more alarming when your drains begin to make a certain gurgling sound. If using a drain cleaner won’t work, you should already give your plumber a call as this concern requires his/her immediate attention.

Overly green lawn

It is important to note that the grass that grows over your septic tank should only be as greenish as the grass that’s present in your garden. If at one point, they start to appear “very green,” it could mean that they are receiving “extra fertilizers” that come out from your septic tank. It’s best to check it out for leaks and clogging.

Algal and bacteria growth

If you also notice algal growth around your septic tank, it could also indicate that it has already reached its capacity. The increased presence of algae near your system can be catalysed by the excessive water that leaks from it. This should be quickly addressed because the excess fluid has a high probability of being contaminated with bacteria.

Sewage back-up

Perhaps the most obvious (and grossest) sign that your tank is already full of waste disposal Southampton is a sewer back-up. If you see sewage ebbing into your home, it’s no doubt that you should ring your plumber immediately. It’s safest to call for professional help than to delay it make the situation even more alarming.

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