Why Eco Firelighters Are Best For BBQ

Barbecue grilling is one of the most awesome ways to spend quality time with family and friends. But did you know that this very enjoyable occasion can pose danger to the environment? Traditional barbecue-grilling, which uses charcoal, releases a significant amount of carbon monoxide — one of the most notable pollutants.

As such, more people are resorting to other alternatives to cook that tasty barbecue. eco firelighters are a popular and trendy choice among BBQ lovers.

firelighters: A Caveat

Not all firelighters are created equally. While there are eco-friendly ones, some are manufactured using harmful components.

There are those containing kerosene, which is a toxic substance made from crude oil. On the other hand, some products are found to have naphtha, a distillation product that when combusted incompletely can produce dangerous gases like carbon monoxide.

There are also solid firelighters with the so-called urea formaldehyde resin. Though it can slow down the burning time of the product, formaldehyde is actually a widely-known carcinogen.

Why Choose Eco Firelighters

Dangers aside, there are firelighters that are designed and manufactured to become eco-friendly. Considered as one of the most natural ways of lighting a fire, this product is usually about 7 cm long and is made up of tightly-spun wood shavings.

In this section, we’ve compiled four ultimate reasons why you should start using eco firelighters to grill your barbecue.

They are made of natural ingredients

As already mentioned, this kind of firelighter comprises ingredients that can be found in the nature. This includes wood, wool and wax. Knowing this, you will be guaranteed that when you use this to grill meat, you won’t be doing any harm to mother nature.

Apart from not containing any chemicals, this firelighter is also made from renewable materials unlike its non-eco-friendly counterpart.

They are easy to use and clean

Compared to other alternatives, eco firelighters only take 30 seconds before they can light your fire. You won’t need to wait that long before you can start grilling the BBQ you have marinated. As they are also easy to clean, it gives you more time to spend with your family and friends.

When they’re set ablaze, they are odourless

One thing that’s annoying in using solid firelighters and charcoal is their being smelly when fire is lit. If you resort to eco firelighters, rest assured that they will be odourless. It will also leave no foul odour on your hands. Also, they won’t taint your clothes and hands, and even the food you are grilling.

You’ll only need one firelighter to keep the fire going

Another magical thing about environment-friendly firelighters is that one can last for over 10 minutes. And if you need to keep the fire going, you’ll only need to light only one. This makes it an efficient and less costly way of grilling a huge amount of BBQ and any other meat.

Are you hosting a BBQ party soon? Make no mistake and invest in eco-firelighters today.

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